I am fluent in Danish, English, French, Swedish, German and Dutch, and have good knowledge of Italian and Spanish too.

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Welcome to my home page!

On this page you can find information about who I am, what and where I sing.

You can also have a look at my repertoire and see photographs from various operas I have performed in.

Please contact me or my agent Henk Spelt at info(at)speltartists.com for further information and questions.


email: mail(at)christiandamsgaard.dk

Tel: +45 2846 1788

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As the matchmaker Goro, Christian Damsgaard seems sneakily and disdainfully to be looking for trouble, showing not the least sign of regret

over having attached Butterfly to a didshonourable soldier; and vocally he was a very good match for the role.

Daily newspaper Information, 12 February 2016


Photo Mikal Schlosser